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Lower Future Medical Costs
Lower Overall Claim Costs
Faster Claims Resolution
Reduced Lost Time

Studies demonstrate the value nurse case management can add to workers’ compensation claims resolution.

Source: Liberty Mutual Insurance/Helmsman Management Services as reported by ClaimsJournal.com.

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SJ Healthcare Consulting are case managers who are licensed in multiple states as Registered Nurses. Specialists in worker’s compensation catastrophic and high exposure claims, nationally trained in case management and utilization review, and nationally certified.

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Pat W. – Worker’s Compensation Senior Claims Examiner

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Angela T. – Worker’s Compensation Claim Examiner

Thank you so much. Your company has been great to work with. Wish I didn’t need to but glad it’s such a good company to work with.

Worker’s Compensation Patient – Factory Assembler

Multidisciplinary Plans For Worker’s Compensation Patients

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Worker’s compensation patients, many times require a multidisciplinary approach to the direction of their health care recovery to ensure quick recovery and cost savings. Many times, a work injury is quite a culture shock to an employee and their family. Depending on how fast a patient recovers or what body part or parts is injured, patients may require not only [...]

The Historical Evolution Of Nursing And How It Has Evolved

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“You might be a nurse if, when you get a call telling you the name of your next admit , you can do the care plan before the patient gets to the floor” (Nurse Tips, 2011). Nurses have evolved tremendously throughout history. From the beginning of time when wars or epidemics were raging, women (primarily) took on the role as [...]